2017 – present NETRI, President, Chief Scientific Officer, co-founder
Organ on chip for neuroscience
2014 – 2017 LTM – CNRS, Principal Invetigator, CR
Microfluidic neuro-engineering
2012 – 2014 Massachussetts Institute of Technologie, Boston, MA, USA DGA Post-doc fellow working on electrokinetics confinement of neuronal growth Pr. Joel Voldman
2008 – 2011 LTM – CNRS, Grenoble. Master Thesis and PhD Student Mixed laboratory University Jospeh Fourrier, CEA and CNRS.
2007 Micronit Microfuidics BV, Enschede, The Netherlands Micronit Microfluidics focuses on lab-on-a-chip design, Development and fabrication Design and realisation of a nanochannel EOF pump.
2006 Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, CEA – Grenoble. French national research centre in nanotechnologies. Engineer in microelectronics, development of a contact etch process on a M.R.I.E. equipment
2004 Fondation Rhone-Alpes-Futur, Lyon
2008 – 2011 PhD at the Laboratory of Microelectronics Technologies, CNRS, Group Biological and Colloidal Nano Devices, GrenoblePhD : 3D electrokinetics of colloidal particles in microfluidic channels and application to cell handling – Under the authority of Dr. David Peyrade.Internet access : 23060_HONEGGER_2011_diffusion1.pdf
2007 – 2008 Master of Science Nanobiotechnologies, Grenoble University Joseph Fourrier, Master of Science for research. Under the authority of Dr. Franz Bruckert and Dr. Marc Block
2004 – 2007 Ecole Centrale de Nantes – French school of Engineering

Prices and awards

  • Postdoctoral fellowship of the DGA.
  • 1st price PhD thesis of the Université of Grenoble 2012.
  • 1st price Micrograph Contest, MNE 2010 Genes, “March of the penguins”.
  • PhD Fellowship, French ministry of research (MENRT).
Member of the GDR Microfluidique and Societé francais de neurosciences
Scientifique expert for the OMNT
Founder and chairman of Neurofluidics conference

Benoit Maisonneuve (post doc fellow, now QBI, Austrialia), Bianca Brandalise (M1 student), Clarisse Vaillier (PhD Student, now EPFL), Moritz Thielen (M2 student, now PhD at ETH Zurich), Timothé Flenet (IUT, now PhD Student), Antoine Bourrier (IUT, now PhD Student)

Funding agencies:
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Founder of Peerus, an app that brings the latest published papers to research scientists. Our algorithm analyzes in real time major scientific journals and identifies papers as soon as they are published worldwide.

Co-founder of Linkio, bluetooth low energie mesh solution for IoT.

Co-founder of SmartForce Technologies, nanotechnology on your desk.